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Domain Name Explanation (1) Basic Concepts of Domain Names

Tianma 3798

Published on 2022-08-27 11:21:59

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Category column: C# network programming Article tags: Server Domain name explanation Basic concepts of domain name

C# network programming
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1. What is a domain name? What is a domain name?

From a technical perspective, it is IP address mapping.

Domain name (English: Domain Name), also known as domain.

It is the name of a computer or computer group on the Internet consisting of a string of names separated by dots. It is used to locate the computer during data transmission (sometimes also refers to the geographical location).

Since IP addresses are inconvenient to remember and cannot display the name and nature of the address organization, people have designed domain names and mapped domain names and IP addresses to each other through the Domain Name System (DNS) to make people more familiar. Conveniently access the Internet without having to remember a string of IP addresses that can be read directly by a machine.

The limit on the length of each level of domain name is 63 characters, and the total length of the domain name cannot exceed 253 characters.

2. What is DNS? What is DNS?

From a technical perspective, it is a database that stores domain name and IP address mappings.

Domain Name System (English: Domain Name System, abbreviation: DNS) is a service of the Internet.
As a distributed database that maps domain names and IP addresses to each other, it can make people access the Internet more conveniently.

DNS uses UDP port 53.

3. Domain name structure and domain name types

Domain name structure:

What is a top-level domain name and what is a second-level domain name?

Top-level domain name:
English: Top-level domains, first-level domains (TLDs), also translated as international top-level domain names

.com - For use by commercial organizations, but it is the most commonly used without restrictions and is familiar and used by most people.
.net - January 1985, originally for Internet service providers, now unrestricted
.org - January 1985, originally for use by organizations that did not fall into other gTLD categories, now unrestricted
.edu/.gov/.mil - January 1985, for U.S. Educational Institutions/U.S. Government Agencies/U.S. Military Agencies. Due to historical issues, it is generally only used in the United States.
.tv: Birth - The .tv Corporation was purchased from the small Pacific country of Tuvalu in 2000 for US$50 million. It was opened in January 2001. The registration office is The .tv Corporation. The characteristic is that it directly forms conceptual associations such as television, video, and audio and video. [5]
.cc: Birth--eNIC Group purchased .cc from the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean in 2000 and opened in January 2001. The registration office is eNIC Corporation. It is characterized by being simple and easy to remember, easy to identify, and highly imaginative. International companies such as Intel and Coca-cola have created .cc domain name portals, which shows that the value of .cc is increasing day by day.

Distinguished from a technical perspective, count from the back according to the number of points

.cn---top-level domain name

jnqianle.cn---Second-level domain name

www.jnqianle.cn/site.jnqianle.cn-----The third-level domain name, of which site.jnqianle.cn technology is also called the second-level subdomain name

4. Domain name resolution, domain name server


Domain name resolution, also known as DNS resolution

Domain Name System (DNS, Domain Name System, sometimes referred to as Domain Name System) is a core service of the Internet. As a distributed database that can map domain names and IP addresses to each other, it is a domain name (domain name) and The corresponding IP address conversion system, the machine equipped with the domain name system is called a domain name server, which allows people to access the Internet more conveniently without having to remember the number of IP addresses that can be directly read by the machine. string.

Domain name server:

Shandong Mobile DNS Server: Shandong DNS, Jinan DNS, Jinan Mobile DNS, Jinan Unicom DNS - Micro Tool Set

Shandong Unicom DNS server: Shandong DNS, Jinan DNS, Jinan Mobile DNS, Jinan Unicom DNS - Micro Tool Set

DNS (Domain Name Server) is a server that converts domain names and corresponding IP addresses.
DNS stores a table of domain names and corresponding IP addresses to resolve the domain names of messages.
A domain name is the name of a computer or computer group on the Internet. It is used to identify the electronic location (sometimes also the geographical location) of the computer during data transmission.
A domain name is a string of dot-separated names, usually including the name of the organization, and always includes a two- or three-letter suffix to indicate the type of organization or the country in which the domain is located.

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