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1. What is .health?

.health means health. As a health professional, you know better than anyone how the right treatments and lifestyle can make every day more enjoyable.

More people than ever are searching online for reliable .health services, products and information. A .health domain name tells Internet users who you are and what you do.


2. How to register the .health domain name?

The official authoritative organization authorized by global governments to operate the .health suffix has authorized to provide domain name registration services for .health domain names. is an ICANN-approved registrar, ICANN registrar ID: 3805. Country-specific domain names are our expertise. We will help you complete the registration process of the global .health domain name.

3. Global .health domain name registration requirements

Application qualifications: Under normal circumstances, both individuals and enterprises can register. Individuals need to provide ID cards, and enterprises provide business registration certificates. Please consult customer service for specific national registration requirements.

Character limit: 2-63 character range. It can be composed of English letters (regardless of upper and lower case), numbers and "-". Spaces and special characters cannot be used.

4. Global .health domain name registration value

1. The .health domain is a restricted domain, which means that only certain people and groups can register one.

2. Anyone registering a .health domain name must comply with all laws and requirements related to specific health care activities. This tells the world and future customers that you are a reliable resource for online health.

3. The .health domain creates a safer online environment for patients by implementing security requirements beyond existing standards that other domains extend.

4. Versatile and eye-catching, .health domain names add a significant boost to your personal and professional brand.

5. A .health domain name is short, professional, and memorable, and can help you improve search engine rankings by using keywords directly in the URL.